TV table technology for live streaming poker events

NEXT LIVE: Summer Showdown July 29 2018

NEXT LIVE: Battle of Malta Oct 25-29


is a Live poker event broadcaster. We provide complete service from fully featured TV table in an event setting to a finished stream online. Over past 5 years we have streamed more than thousand hours of poker.


We have been offering our service since 2012

  • Paf Live Tallinn tournaments 2012, 2013
  • NordicBet Superweekend 2013, 2014
  • Estonian Championships 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Paf Poker Challenge 2013, 2014, 2015
  • GamingHill the Experience in Riga 2013, 2014, 2016
  • Cash Game Festival Tallinn 2014, 2015
  • Cash Game Festival London 2016 April
  • 888Live Costa Brava 2016 May
  • Cash Game Festival Malta 2016 June
  • MPN Poker Tour Tallinn 2016 August
  • 888Live Festival London 2016 October
  • Unibet Poker Challenge in Tallinn 2016 November
  • MPN Poker Tour in Morocco 2016 November
  • Kings of Tallinn 2017 February
  • Estonian Championships 2017 April
  • MPN Poker Tour Malta 2017 May
  • 888Live Festival Barcelona 2017 May
  • MPN Poker Tour Manchester 2017 July
  • Tallinn Summer Showdown 2017 July
  • 888Live Sao Paulo 2017 September
  • 888poker Live London 2017 October
  • Battle of Malta 2017 November
  • MPN Poker Tour Morocco 2018 January
  • 888poker Live London 2018 February
  • Kings of Tallinn 2018 February
  • 888poker Live Bucharest 2018 March
  • Cash Tour Malta 2018 March
  • MPN Poker Tour Bratislava 2018 April
  • 888poker Live Barcelona 2018 June


9 or 10 seated poker tv-table

RFID system for displaying players hole-cards and community cards

Replaceable table felt

Custom felts with your desired design


Various delay times up to 60 minutes

Streaming to popular services like Twitch, YouTube etc

Embedded video player on your website


Texas Hold’Em, Omaha

Fixed Limit, No Limit, Pot Limit

Cash Games & Tournaments supported


Hole cards, community cards and win odds

Chip count and player statistics

Outs shown for drawing players

Player position

Live gameplay tracking


Twitter integration

Logo animations

Commercial clips


All network communication is fully encrypted

Nobody sees player hole-cards before delayed picture is live

Commentators are commentating delayed picture


6 HD cameras, live video mixer


Sound technical solution

Option for multi-language streaming

Complete commerical clip production

Aftermovie of the event






Our live-editor. Under his belt we find thousands of hours production and live-editing work. Languages: Russian, Estonian, English

Matt Birnbaum

Co-founder, Director

Heimar is highly experienced with video production hardware and software. Since 2012 he has been focusing on online streaming. Languages: English, Estonian

Heimar Lill

Co-founder, Producer

Gameplay tracker, Commentator (Estonian and English)

Kristjan Laas

Game-play Tracker, Commentator

Poker came into his life in 2005 and cards have been in the air ever since. With ease he makes the feature table experience become complete for everyone involved. Languages: English, Estonian, Finnish

Ben Tahvonen

Game-play tracker, Commentator

Mariliis Jõras

Game-play Tracker


Kauri Kaukvere

Director, Camera Operator

Camera Operator, Photographer, IT specialist

Koit Romet Halman

Camera Operator, Photographer

Gameplay tracker, poker pro.

Maret Komarova

Game-play Tracker

Camera Operator, Photographer

Evelyn Rom

Camera Operator, Photographer

Camera Operator

Adam Stewart

Camera Operator

Johan MattssonPaf

Martin Franke von ZweigbergkCash Game Festival